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Amy Talbot

Amy Talbot

Amy Talbot, Consultant

Amy Talbot joined QuickStart, Inc. in April, 2003, as a business consultant. Amy is responsible for preparing business plans by working directly with the client. She helps ensure they have the comprehensive business plan needed in order to receive the proper financing to start, purchase, expand, or refinance their business. Amy specializes in doing marketing and demographic research needed for the business plan. She is also responsible for developing the Company’s internal procedures for the business planning process.

Amy has 18 years of experience in business finance and accounting, including 13 years in the banking industry, with the most recent 5 years consulting with small business entrepreneurs. Her background is in financial reporting and analysis, business planning and budgeting, as well as general ledger accounting.

Amy is a native of the Fox Valley and enjoys traveling, music, her golden retrievers, reading, and spending quality time with her loved ones.